Commercial Network

and Security Integrations
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Echo specializes in complex commercial IT integrations involving CCTV, Access Control, Managed WiFi, Fixed Wireless and Internet Connectivity.


  • Video Management Systems
  • HD / 4K Cameras
  • Network Video Recorders
  • Video Display Walls

Access Control 

  • Enterprise Card System
  • CCTV Integration
  • Managed and Hosted Systems
  • Bluetooth & Biometrics

Managed WiFi

  • Campus WiFi Solutions
  • WiFi Marketing and Analytics
  • Managed WiFi Solutions
  • Amenity WiFi

Fixed Wireless / Microwave

  • Campus Connectivity
  • Licensed Microwave
  • Last Mile Connectivity
  • Private LAN Networks

Internet Connectivity

  • Managed Connectivity
  • Business Internet
  • SD-WAN Solutions
  • Voice and Data Services

Commercial Installations

  • Structured Cabling
  • Fiber Construction
  • Tower Installations
  • Network Hardware

Projects and Partners

Mobile Event Network Management

As one of the largest music festivals in the southeast, Music Midtown requires a dynamic and capable network to support tens of thousands of attendees, multiple stage productions and hundreds of vendors.

CCTV and Access Control Installation

Echo Technologies is an Authorized Partner of Avigilon, providing enterprise level cloud, video and access control solutions that seamlessly integrate across your entire security platform. 

Fixed Wireless Network Construction

E.R. Jahna Industries is a leading provider of construction aggregate materials and requires enterprise-grade network connections at its remote mining locations. We accomplish this by deploying a custom-designed LAN infrastructure that utilizes fixed wireless technology. 

We are experts in mobile
connectivity for live events.

Give your audience the moments they will remember.

Echo has designed and built hundreds of temporary on-site networks  for concerts and special events. We have extensive knowledge and experience integrating our systems with ticketing and point of sale providers like Ticketmaster, Intellitix and Eventbrite. 


Building Your Platform

We are the carpenters of technology, give us the vision and we will create it. With our talented Network Engineers and commercial-grade wireless equipment, we ensure your audience stays connected and engaged.

Protecting Your Assets

At festivals and special events, the network cannot go down. We understand this importance, and achieve industry leading uptime by utilizing state-of-the-art commercial grade equipment.

Customizing Your Platform

Echo Technologies creates a reflection of your needs by offering a vast array of configurable hardware options. Our driven team provides exceptional service to any type of event and to vendors both large and small.

Real-Time Monitoring

Our on-site team of specialists are always available for tech support and training. Dedicated network technicians maximize uptime by monitoring activity in real time and responding promptly.

Why Echo Technologies is the best for the job

Echo Technologies is a network services company offering solutions such as Internet connectivity, managed WiFi, CCTV and access control integrations.  In short, we exceed customer expectations by providing world-class network services that meet every need. 

Call us today to discuss a custom-tailored solution for your property.  We look forward to earning your business!



Flexible and Scalable

Need Internet connectivity and video streaming for a remote site rocket launch? We’ve done that. Want a VoIP system for your 25-location multinational business? Right in our wheelhouse. How about high-speed Internet and IPTV service for your private island in the Caribbean? We’re the provider for you!


Complete Integration

Integration of multiple devices like access control panels and security cameras into a single platform is key when designing and installing new network systems. We understand this and offer the knowledge and hardware to make it happen. 

Proven Experience

Our team of expert network engineers have years of experience across multiple IT integration channels, completing a wide array of projects for partners from small businesses to large corporations like SpaceX. No matter the size or scale of your project, we have the experience to get it done right. 


Unrivaled Support

We pride ourselves on supporting our clients and partners before, during and after any installation or integration. Echo provides detailed site walk-throughs and proposals as well as unrivaled monitoring and support.   

Partner Feedback

We have partnered with ECHO  Technologies  since  2016.

ECHO is our  internet  solutions provider based on fixed wireless and microwave technologies, VoIP communications carrier and service provider, as well as monitoring in-person and remotely all of our systems, both during calm times and extreme weather conditions.  ECHO has  recently developed for us a completely new and state-of-the-art  solution  to measure and calculate the gross legal limit for trucks being loaded at our facilities  enabling us to gain valuable increased operational efficiencies coupled with regulatory compliance adherence.  ECHO has  the technical resources ,  experts  and acumen  to handle ANY  corporate need or requirement , especially when other Solutions Providers cannot.

Carl McCollum

E.R Jahna Industries

Our Automotive Service Group owns and operates  three businesses.   We partner with ECHO Technologies for all of our internal network, internet connectivity and communication needs. Just one quick call to ECHO and all my needs are handled in a timely and cost effective manner, mostly from their great ability to determine and fix whatever the issue may be. We wouldn’t use anyone else for these valuable internal operational needs!
Mike Johnson


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