Residential WiFi Support

Residential WiFi Support

With everyone home due to Covid-19 restrictions, Echo Technologies is now offering Residential WiFi services to upgrade your home’s WiFi signal. For $99, a technician will run a WiFi diagnostic in your home and provide recommendations to upgrade your service. Additional WiFi access points can be purchased and installed for as little as $69!

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Tired of slow and unreliable internet? Our technicians are experts in optimizing and speeding up your WiFi. We’ll test and configure your connection and if necessary install hardware to boost your signal and give you the fastest internet possible.

Trouble with multiple devices or dead spots? We can fix that too, providing your home with a reliable and enjoyable WiFi experience for any number of devices.

Services Include

– Analysis and Troubleshooting of Network Issues

– Securing Your Network

– Optimization of Modem and Router

– Installation of Wireless Access Points / WiFi Extenders

– Connection of Peripheral Devices


Jay and his crew updated our Wi-Fi in our house about a month ago! With as many devices, tv’s, cameras, etc etc that we have we had some dead spots around our home. They did a wonderful job and we have had no issues with speed and dead zones! His crew was very professional. Highly recommended. Angie Reeder – Kennesaw, GA